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Best music classes in calicut.

Learn Music and Instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Drums In Calicut

With best music classes in calicut Our aim is to equip you with all the knowledge and talents to turn your musical passion into reality. We are in a mission to create next generation musicians. Where you wish to peruse a successful musical career or you just want to learn it, Jackson’s music school is the best music school in Calicut. Our clearly organized training program and well trained faculties will help you to learn all aspects of music.
instrumental music classes in calicut not only helps in increasing confidence or gives a self satisfaction but it helps in the brain development of your kid thus increasing the coordination skill. Research has shown that both listening to music and playing a musical instrument stimulate your brain and can increase your memory. As you can see playing a musical instruments has many benefits and hopefully that will motivate you to keep on practicing and always use music in high esteem.


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From the Director and Co – Founder



Music is my passion. I started learning it by myself and I found it out to be an art which comes out perfect when we work on it and when we have the thirst to know it more and the commitment towards it to excel in it.


Co founder and Manager

Jeny is an Educator by profession and works with Choice school Calicut as well as the Co founder and Manager of Jackson’s school of Music. Jeny says Music is an Art. The medium used by users to convey it to the other End is sound…

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Jackson Varghese

Piano and Western Vocals

Joel Jackson



Guitar Trainer

Bennet Gideon

 Western Vocal Trainer


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