Learn guitar in calicut

learn guitar in calicut to play your favorite songs on guitar.

Guitar Classes in Calicut

The Jacksons school of music offers the best guitar classes in Calicut. Whether it is acoustic or electric guitar our expert teachers will get you playing guitar quickly. Learn guitar in calicut With innovative and advanced performing techniques learning guitar becomes an enjoyable process. Our course structure includes beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. If you are a young guitar enthusiast or someone who lost guitar dreams in a half or anybody who gets to learn higher, here is opportunity for you all. Our guitar learning programs range from classical, electronic, jazz etc. to popular music.

We have an outstanding team of exceptionally trained teachers who are able to structure the lesson for each student based on their talents, interests and skills. The faculty always makes sure that the students are inspired and motivated for learning guitar. Hence the learning process becomes an inspiring and challenging experience for enthusiastic students.

Learn to play your favorite songs on guitar.
You may be the one who got envious while your friend playing a beautiful song in guitar. Now playing your favorite song on guitar is never a dream away. If you are confident and ready to work hard our certified faculty will help you nail it. Why wait to join best guitar classes in calicut ? Contact now!

Feedback on your playing
Getting right feedback of your skills and playing will get you move forward in a better pace. The student are properly observed and they are informed what they lack and what they have to gain.

Learn music theory in the fun way
Learning always becomes enjoyable when it is easy and correctly instructed. The methods we follow to learn music theory is as simple as that. So learning your favorite songs gets faster and easier.

guitar classes in calicut

Guitar classes for beginners

For people who have a passion for music and learning guitar is a dream from childhood,

The Jacksons school of music is the right place for them. We offer the best guitar class for beginners. The training programs are designed to get a better idea of music and the instrument. The course begin with the different parts of guitar, the strings of guitar, how to tune them, how to master using a pick or style etc. students also learns the basic theory of music including scales, chords, power, triads, fingering etc. at the end of the course students learns the basics of the instrument and music techniques, maintenance of guitar and will be able to enroll intermediate level lessons.

Intermediate guitar classes

Develop your existing skills and explore much more. The intermediate level course helps you to boost what you have learned so far and learn more on playing guitar. The course includes basic notations to learn melodies, scales etc. the atmosphere really contributes to learning and students feel relaxed and comfortable.

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Guitar Classes in calicut
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