Piano Classes in Calicut

Piano Classes in Calicut

Piano Classes in calicut 

Sitting at the piano and being able to play entertaining music in front of people is the time you take much pride and appreciate yourselves. Imagine how beautiful moment it would be. Now learning piano is not a big deal. Jackson’s music academy provides the best piano classes in Calicut and helps to learn how to play piano in an easy and quick way.

Piano classes here extend from in tradition in offering top of the town piano lessons. Students will learn deep into the proper piano techniques and they learn to apply to the song they play. Students are given a solid foundation and firm knowledge on the theories of music so that learning forward becomes easier and fun. Piano is one of the excellent instruments a music enthusiast can start to learn. Beginning from piano one can move on to learning other instruments.

The best piano instructors
Piano is the most versatile instrument taught in our academy. Our faculty consists of well trained, experienced and motivating instructors. The students are taught to perform different styles of music such as rhythm, jazz and blues.

Piano classes for beginners
In The beginners piano learning program you will learn how to play piano in a fun and easy way and learn piano in calicut. Many of the uninspiring aspects of the music theory are boring to students and they often complain about it. But the training approach we follow is different and one can catch up the lessons with great enthusiasm.

The lessons are organized in a way that it will let you learn in a step by step manner mastering all minutes. Starting with very easy and basic lessons the students learn in a well presented way. While learning from best keyboard classes in calicut Lecture after lecture you will start to build your talents and finally you will be able to play your favorite song that you listened in a movie or in a concert.

The lessons you will be taught in the beginner’s piano learning course include, identifying the notes of piano keyboard playing chords, scales and melodies with them. Join now and get trained from the best piano classes in calicut.


piano classes in calicut

You will learn to play the most important chord progression in music
You will learn how to play the right and left hand parts of a song.

Playing your favorite, hit or popular songs in piano

You will be able to Read notes


Most comfortable learning atmosphere

Whatever you study, the atmosphere where you are in can really impact the learning process. Jackson’s music academy is well equipped with modern interiors and atmosphere that let the students learn in a peaceful and calm way.

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Piano Classes in calicut
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