Western vocal Training

A different approach to learn western music

Western vocal classes in Calicut
For those having a great passion and love for western music and aspire to learn it- Our course for western vocals will help you out. Here you all have a room whether you are an absolute beginner, an intermediate or advanced level student. Our training programs are planned and designed to give you a better understanding of music theories and learn western music in an easy and enjoyable way. We appreciate you to learn any style of music that you love, viz. pop, rock, funk or western classical. Our voice training sessions will get you develop and master voice that can effortlessly go with the songs of different genres you like.

Experience western vocal faculty
Our group of instructors comes with extensive experience and career credits. The students are getting an opportunity to learn from outstanding musicians and trainers who can greatly inspire you.

A different approach to learn western music

Music is an art form that inspires, pacifies, rejoice human kind. The music becomes enjoyable when it is delivered in its fullest form. Jackson’s music academy follows a holistic approach to music education. The curricula for learning western music are designed to tone your voice and touch every minute theory and practical of music.

Life at Jackson’s academy

We bring you one step closer to your dream of a music artist. With a best combination of theory and practicals we make sure that you learn all the nuances of music. The life at academy will be an unforgettable experience. You will not be learning music, u will be living music.

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