Why Jackson’s School of Music



· To give students a background in music that prepare them for a wide range of further educational activities in (Piano, Drums and Guitar).
· To develop performance and compositional skills that prepare them for professional careers as performers and trainers. (Piano, Drums and Guitar).
· To prepare students for London trinity exams, bringing out the confidence in them so as to help them score well and to excel in the field of music (Piano, Guitar and Drums).
· To train children for worship team, striving towards excellence for future worship leaders in churches and elsewhere. (With Piano only)
· To prepare students for western band performances, school programs, and concerts.

Why JSM?

· We at JSM are very much passionate to bring the upcoming generation and to excel them in the field of Music
· We believe in quality and Individualized learning
· We train and spend time focusing each individual.
· Trainor’s are well trained in music having completed their Grade Exams and having experiences in the field of Music at various International schools, leading worship, performing in Band, concerts, and also various other shows.
· We train children in such a manner that students learn to compose music and become creative in this field.

Trainings we provide?

· Training for Beginners in Drums, Piano and Guitar
· Special training for London trinity Exams (Piano, Guitar and drums)
· Training to prepare for Band Performance and concerts (Drums, Piano and Guitar)

Facilities we provide

· Instruments at our school for learning (At the scheduled time)
· Instruments at our school for practicing  in the evening.
· Specially designed study materials and individualized course plan by our specially trained mentors.
· Good Infrastructure and Ambiance to learn peacefuly
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